We are in the process of developing CO2 — free energy sources for our house. Our goal is to produce music with home made electricity. For that we need money. ´Make My Money´, will help to make this vision come true.


This track was recorded live in a tube with the number 7244 of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Nord Stream 2(former names: North Transgas and North European Gas Pipeline; (Северный поток, Severny potok) is an offshore natural gas pipeline from Vyborgin the Russian Federation to Greifswald in Germany. The voice gets reflected in the tube, creating a rich sound of overtones.

´Shining Through´, starts with a delayed rhythm, a crisp hihat on 126 BPM. After some bars a juicy kick bass drum is joining. An upbeat bass rhythm adds up to the picture, supported by a lower octave bass. Now the harmonies start to take place. Come on & go for the ride. A short interlude gives you time to reflect on what just happened. Coming back to harmony with a solo synth sound added by a native american flute. At the end you will hear the harmonies again without the rhythm to get a chance to listen to what anjoke likes to call the ´PARSTEIN VOICINGS´.

Inside my DNA versucht die Grenzen der physisch, bewussten und psychisch, unbewussten Welt musikalisch darzustellen.
Es beginnt bei 78 BPM. Ein Tempo, das mit physischen Händen leicht zu spielen ist. Mit Hilfe der Produktionssoftware ist realisiert worden, das das Stück bei 990 BPM endet. Die meisten Prozesse in unserem Körper laufen in atemberaubender Geschwindigkeit ab, ohne unser Wissen.
Inside my DNA möchte dabei helfen, ein Bewusstsein dafür zu schaffen.